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Welcome to SmartStun.com, with the Best Stun Gun and TASER Gun selection for you and your loved ones. For many people, maintaining personal safety is of paramount importance, as it should be. That's why we've taken the time to put together a collection of some of the most popular and effective safety products in the world. From pepper spray to self defense weapons like the best-selling Taser gun, we've got self defense covered. We sell only First Quality Products, with no Factory Seconds or Refurbished Units. Stun Guns & TASER Guns for sale - Wicked Lasers - Pepper Spray - Bear MACE



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TASER X2 - Defender Gun
Your Price: $1,399.99
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PHAZZER Enforcer - Shooting Style Stun Gun
On sale $579.95
7 REVIEW(S)Average Rating
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Piexon JPX 4 Shot Defender with Laser
On sale $449.95
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TASER M26C w/Laser
On sale $399.95
9 REVIEW(S)Average Rating
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TASER C2 Gold Kit - All Colors
On sale $359.95
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Piexon JPX Jet Protector Frame With Laser
On sale $319.95
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1 Million Volt ZAP EXTREME Flashlight Stun Gun
On sale $74.95
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SMART STUN - The Net's Supplier of Stun Guns & the TASER Gun - Buy Online, Secure Checkout

Whether you're here for a TASER Gun, any model of Stun Gun, we provide FREE Shipping and our 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. We believe in taking care of our customers who are interested in purchasing from us. When you see the price listed next to those products, you will know instantly your final checkout price. We do not charge handling fees or any other fee to increase your cost. Whether you choose a stun TASER gun or any model of stun gun, you will be happy knowing that you are getting one of the highest quality stun guns available. We have put together the finest selection so that you can find the best stun gun for you.

Our inventory includes a lot more than just Taser guns, too. We've got one of the best stun gun line-ups you'll find anywhere. With products from industry leaders like Stun Master and Omega stun guns, you can shop with ease knowing these products are backed by years of industry experience. The Runt stun gun is another popular choice while our cell phone stun gun offers you a discrete but powerful means of self defense. We've got all the best stun guns and tasers for sale.

People often wonder how to choose the best model for them. It varies from person to person and is affected by personal taste. A sampling of the different types available include a walking cane with stun gun built-in, an expandable stun baton, even a stun pen and a flashlight stun gun. All of the units will also work against attacking dogs, you just need to pick a unit you feel most comfortable using if a dog is attacking you. With so much to choose from it may be a tough decision, but we're here to help!

Pepper spray is another popular choice in self defense. With brands like Wildfire Pepper Spray and industry leader MACE pepper spray you can count on us to bring you the most versatile and dependable pepper spray products in the world. From MACE, you'll see such unique products as pepper spray guns and batons. Another popular option are High Intensity Lasers from WICKED LASERS, an innovative new way to ensure your personal safety. So take a look inside and see for yourself why so many make SmartStun their first choice in self defense!

And, recently, we've added the following items to our TASER and Stun Gun line-up: Pepper Guns from Piexon and Kimber.

For more safety and self defense discussion check out our blog at www.smartstunblog.com. They often get called many different names. But, whatever you call them, they're basically non lethal weapons that provide an electro shock to a target. And, many people ask "what's the difference betweenTASER Guns andStun Guns?" Stun Guns are an item that generally has two electrodes on the unit requiring the user to touch an attacker with the unit itself to create the shock. TASER is a particular brand of stun device that functions by "shooting" projectiles out from the gun-like unit. The projectiles are attached by cords, shocking an attacker, allowing the user to stay a distance away. Phazzer offers both styles of stun devices. The PhazzerDragon and the Phazzer Enforcerboth shoot projectiles. But, don't overlook the Phazzer Scorpion, Phazzer Titan and Phazzer Talon as great choices for those who like a direct contact stun gun.

Let's face it, times are getting tougher everyday. Its better to be prepared than to be sorry. If you need any help determining which TASER Gun, Stun Gun or stun device to buy, contact us. We'll help answer any questions and more.

Don't get left without any protection. Order your self defense weapon from the industry leading provider of REAL SELF DEFENSE weapons......SmartStun.