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Wildfire Police Spray - 1 Pound Jumbo Size
wildfire pepper spray

Wildfire Police Spray - 1 Pound Jumbo Size


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Wildfire Police Spray - 1 Pound Jumbo Size
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WildFire Police Spray

Wildfire 18%
Police Pepper Spray that will most assuredly disable virtually any attacker and in the 1 Pound Size, you're sure to have enough to take care of not only one, but several attackers. This large sized police pepper spray was designed to be the hottest and fastest acting defense spray available!
WildFire Brand Pepper Spray is one of the hottest pepper spray formulas on the market today.  Anyone getting sprayed with this stuff will do nothing other than cough, cry and try to catch their breath for up to 45 minutes.  Your subject, once sprayed will not only be in physical pain, but also mental confusion as the disorientation that is cause by being hit with pepper spray, generally leaves the mind in disarray. 
Contains 75 one second bursts with a spray of up to 20'.  This is an effective size for crowd control, as well as protecting against dogs attacks and more.

These jumbo sized cans are police size for maximum coverage against multiple attackers. Both the 9 ounce and the 1 pound cans contain the same incapacitating ingredients that will make a person reconsider their life's calling. With enough hotness in one can, you can be sure you won't run out when the time comes.

Choose from either the pistol grip or the fire master handle for your convenience.  Both are equally effective and are an ideal choice to have in your home or business, as well as an RV or camper.

Security Centers/Guards should have these on hand for crowd control or to break up a fight. Neither fighter will want to continue with anything at all except stopping the intense pain!

As Always:  FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER!  Order today and find out why so many people place their trust and safety in SmartStun.com.  FAST SHIPPING!

Wildfire Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to New York, Massachusetts, Michigan or Wisconsin.

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