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WildFire Small Pepper Spray
wildfire pepper spray

WildFire Small Pepper Spray


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WildFire Pepper Spray - You can buy online!

This is the 1/2 ounce Pocket or Purse Size which utilizes 18% WildFire Pepper Spray Formula

This pepper spray formula is one of the hottest available today.  Once someone is sprayed with it, all they'll be able to do is gasp for air, tear up, cough and generally be in agonizing pain.  The pepper formula, even if not sprayed directly into the eyes or nose, still emits a "cloudy" aroma which wafts into the mucous membranes and eyes of whomever its on.  Getting hit by pepper spray causes quite a bit of pain and general disorientation for up to 45 minutes.
Approximately 6-10 one second bursts.
Effective range is 6-8 feet.

Available in Red, Black, Blue and Pink

WildFire pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. It will induce coughing, choking and nausea, as well as dilating the eye capillaries resulting in temporary blindness. The mucous membranes will swell to prevent all but life support breathing causing the assailant to be temporarily incapacitated. A one second burst of WildFire pepper spray will stop an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing permanent damage.

Wildfire 18% is an improved formula that reacts quickly and effectively to disable any assailant. It is 18% and 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

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Wildfire Pepper Sprays cannot be shipped to New York, Massachusetts, Michigan or Wisconsin.

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