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TASER C2 Basic Kit - Black Only
Taser C2 Taser Gun BASIC KIT

TASER C2 Basic Kit - Black Only


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TASER C2 Basic Kit - Black Only
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TASER® C2 Basic Kit - Black

While the TASER C2 BASIC KIT was designed for the cost conscious, it is still a true TASER Gun.  And, its truly all you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.  The Basic Kit includes: a TASER C2 and a live cartridge.  (Practice Cartridges are available as a separate accessory)  With the training cartridge, you'll be able to test fire and practice before you're actually in the middle of an attack.  This is just one more way that TASER makes you comfortable with self defense protection.

The TASER C2 in this kit is the same that's in the Gold Kit and it utilizes the same technology that TASER is known for worldwide.  Each C2 Cartridge has 2 - 15 foot wires coiled up inside with sharp barbs on the ends.  And, upon firing the barbs shoot outward towards your target.  The barbs can penetrate up to 1" thick of clothing.  And, once launched, the wires deliver the electrical shock to the target.  This is the same technology law enforcement professionals have been using for years and has proven highly effective.  There's no wonder why TASER has become synonymous with self defense weapons.

Further, what makes all TASER cartridges unique is their Anti-Felon Identification System.  Inside each cartridge is 20-30 pieces of confetti each with the serial number of the cartridge.  So, once fired, the confetti will be at the scene and can be used by law enforcement personnel to track the owner and either identify the victim or track possible misuse of the TASER Gun.

It is these features, along with the patented electric shock current that is used by TASER Guns that make them so effective as self defense weapons.

The TASER C2 Basic Kit Package Includes:
  • 1 TASER C2 with laser
  • 1 Live Cartridge

Dimensions of C2 Taser is 5.5" x 2.10"x 1.25"

This kit is available only with a Black TASER C2.  If you want a particular color, you'll have to upgrade to the Gold Kit as TASER does not manufacture this kit with any color other than black.

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