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Stun Master SM300S
stun master stun gun

Stun Master SM300S


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Stun Master SM300S 300,000 Volt Stun Gun
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Stun Master SM300

Technically identical to the SM 300C, this straight unit is nice for those who want  a stun gun that fits easily into a purse.  The curved unit is nice as it gives a slight tilt making it easy to "drive" into an attacker, but may not be quite as easy to access when you need it. 

These hand held stun guns have high stopping power up to 300,000 volts! If price is your main concern, then the Stun Master brand is for you. Low prices and high stopping power, the Stun Master offers the best of both worlds. Find out why the SM300 has been made for over a decade with no need for changes.  
~  300,000 Volts
~  Wrist Strap
~  Safety Switch
~  6"  Tall
~  Uses 2 - 9v Batteries
~  Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
~  Optional Leatherette Holster available
With the StunMaster SM300 in your hand, you'll have the comfort, confidence and trust that comes from knowing you're protected.

Stun Master stun guns are powerful and inexpensive. SmartStun has been selling Stun Master stun guns since it's inception in 2000. Stun Master stun guns have withstood the test of time which cannot be said for most of the stun guns on the market today. Stun Master is one of the most trusted and reliable stun guns on the market. They come with a Life-Time Warranty.

  • The sight and sound of a stun gun going off is usually enough to SCARE an attacker
  • Stun Guns REPEL your attacker with high voltage yet low amperage shock
  • You can NOT be SHOCKED even if you are touching the attacker
  • Be more SECURE knowing you can protect yourself

People usually think it is the high voltage of stun guns that stops an attacker. Inaccurate! Voltage doesn't hurt anyone...it's amperage. One amp will kill someone. Our stun guns only have between 5-8 milliamps. Just enough to incapacitate an attacker without doing any permanent damage.

These self defense weapons are small...only 6 inches tall. They all have safety switches, wrist straps, and are covered by a life time warranty. Provides non lethal self defense to aid in your personal protection.


Don't Forget About our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee  

With FREE Shipping and our Money Back Guarantee, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.  Go ahead and Order Today!
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