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Runt Stun Gun 20,000,000 volt stun gun with flashlight and wrist strap disable pin

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The RUNT Stun Gun

Regardless which color of the Runt Stun Gun you go with, the 20,000,000 volt stun gun with flashlight and wrist strap disable pin, is easy to carry discreetly. No matter which level you choose, they are only about 4 inches tall and about as thick as a deck of cards. The Runt is a great size to allow you to carry it in a shirt pocket, purse, tote or duffel bag. If you choose to carry it out of sight, you won't draw any unwanted attention.  But, you will have plenty of stopping power should you need it. 

All models have enough voltage to penetrate quite thick clothing, the Runt is known to be one of the highest amperage stun guns available.  (Note: some sites show the Runt to be an 11 milliamp stun gun.  This is not correct.  5 milliamps is considered lethal/deadly.  The highest amperage stun gun is the Barracuda BC37 and the Runt is second highest at just over 4 miliamps.  Both of these models are excellent stun guns and have the highest stopping power of any stun gun on the market)


With the Runt Stun Gun, the small, mini stun gun size allows it to fit nicely into the hand of a man or woman. The safety switch, red power indicator light, and trigger button are on one side, while finger guides are on the other, giving you additional gripping power. Very little of the unit is exposed beyond your fingers, making it highly unlikely an attacker or mugger could get ahold of The Runt. In any case, they'll get much more than they bargained for with well over 2 Million Volts of Shock.
~  20 Million Volts
~  Compact Size under 3.5" tall
~  Made of High Impact Material to Hold Up to High Degree of Stress
~  Built in Flashlight
~  Rechargeable (built in connector)
~  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Don't Forget About our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee  

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The RUNT Stun Gun

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