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Phazzer 3 Megapixel DVR Eyewear
Phazzer DVR

Phazzer 3 Megapixel DVR Eyewear


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Phazzer 3 Megapixel DVR Eyewear
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Phazzer Glasses, 3 Megapixel DVR SunGlasses

From Phazzer, a well respected brand of self defense weaponry now brings you these wonderful Sunglasses with Hidden Camera.  Use them for sporting events, stealth tracking of "goings on", travel and whatever.  So that you can obtain hands free recording, use the Camcorder DVR 3 Megapixel Eyewear! They even have a microphone built directly into the unit.
The Phazzer DVR Glasses
These unique sunglasses from Phazzer have a built in 3 megapixel camera and DVR with micro switch controls right at your finger tips. This unique camcorder system will view and record what the user sees without wires and hands free.  The audio is captured at a limited range, but is excellent for commentation done by the user.  The primary use is to record video for winter and summer sports activities, school programs, family events, hunting and fishing and many other life experiences. The video is stored on a 4 GB Micro SD flash memory card. Play back is easy using your PC via USB or Flash Card reader and requires no additional software. SD Flash Memory Card adapter included.

People love to use these when traveling outdoors.  For instance, our owner got some amazingly awesome footage of Kingfishers while on a boat ride down a river in Argentina.  While he has the memories, he also has the video footage because he had his Phazzer Glasses on. 
Very cool Product!
Available in either Black or Camo.

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