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PHAZZER Titan Stun Gun:  2.5 Million Volts

PHAZZER Titan Stun Gun: 2.5 Million Volts


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The TITAN Stun Gun by Phazzer. High Output and Multi-Functions.
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The Phazzer Titan Stun Gun

The Phazzer Titan is a mainstay in the self defense community.  Its been around for years because its proven to do what its supposed to do:  protect you and your loved ones against danger.  And, with it requiring a 9v battery instead of a rechargeable one, its great for traveling with abroad.  

Phazzer, with its line up of weapons is increasingly recognized as one of the leaders in self defense gear.  From the Scorpion to the Enforcer, you can count on Phazzer.

The Titan is loaded with features for a multi purpose stun gun.  With its traditional styling and one of the highest outputs available today with 2.5 Million Volts, The Titan was one of the first to combine super high voltage with a myriad of features. 
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~  2.5 Million Volts
~  130 db Siren Alarm
~  Blinding LED Light
~  3 position slide toggle switch for mode (Firing, LED, Siren)
~  Momentary trigger for firing
~  ON/Off toggle Safety switch
~  Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord / Disable Pin 
~  Belt Clip Case
~  6V NiMH2 Recahrgable battery 
~  A/C Charger (built in)
~  User Manual 
~  1 year Warranty
With the Phazzer Titan Stun Gun/Personal Alarm/Flashlight in your hand, you walk confidently knowing you are safe.

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The Phazzer Titan stun gun has one of the highest outputs available today with 2500KV. The Phazzer Titan has a 3 mode position slide toggle to easily select the Shock position, "Blinding LED Light" position, as well as the alarm Siren. The unit has an On/Off toggle safety switch on the bottom that deactivates all modes of use with the exception of the Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord activation of the siren alarm. The Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord renders the Phazzer Titan useless to prevent an assailant of using the unit against the owner, if taken away in a self defense situation and automatically activates the siren alarm to attract attention to any confrontation from several hundred feet away. The alarm siren can also be activated manually through the use of the mode position switch and trigger. The Blinding Light causes a few seconds of blindness if shined in the eyes of an assailant for easy get away. The charging system is self contained ( A/C charger built in) and uses a replaceable/rechargeable Grade A NiMH battery.

NOTE: It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any item offered by SmartStun. If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities.

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