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PHAZZER Scorpion Stun Gun:  3 Million Volts
phazzer scorpion pink

PHAZZER Scorpion Stun Gun: 3 Million Volts


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Available in 3 Colors, this unit is a Women's Favorite as well as a Guy's.
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The Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun

The Phazzer Scorpion is now available in Hot Pink, Light Pink or Black.....your choice!  (If you want to order some of multiple colors, add one color to your cart, then come back and add the other color)

If you're looking at stun guns, you're obviously wanting real self defense.  The Scorpion is just that.  3 Million Volts of Stopping Power.  An Ultra Bright LED Flashlight and a Personal Alarm....all in one, easy to carry unit.
This is one of the smallest, multi function stun guns. The Phazzer Scorpion delivers 3 Million Volts of Stun Power to help protect you.  The Scorpion is equipped with a replaceable/rechargeable 7.2 V Grade A NiMH battery and self contained charging system (A/C adapter built in) so you won't have to keep up with your charging adapter.
~  Output: 3 Million Volts
~  Blinding LED Light w/momentary switch
~  Built In Charging Prongs
~  Disable Pin 
~  120db siren Alarm
~  On/Off Safety Toggle switch
~  Momentary trigger switch
~  7.2 V Grade A NiMH rechargeable Battery (Industry Best!)
~  Belt Clip Case
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~  1 Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun
~  Belt Clip Case designed by Phazzer
~  User Manual
~  1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
With 3 Million Volts and a 120 decibel Personal Alarm in your hand, you will feel secure!

Don't Forget About our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee  

With FREE Shipping and our Money Back Guarantee, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.  Go ahead and Order Today!
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