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PHAZZER Enforcer - Shooting Style Stun Gun
Phazzer Enforcer Stun Gun

PHAZZER Enforcer - Shooting Style Stun Gun


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The Phazzer Enforcer air stun gun is effective in protecting the users safety.
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The PHAZZER Enforcer Stun Gun

NOW AVAILABLE IN PINK AND YELLOW!  These colored units are in limited supply.  Order today.  We will contact you if there is any supply issue with the color you order.
The Enforcer is NOT a direct contact stun gun.  It shoots electrodes up to 15' allowing for a safer distance between you and trouble.

You came to this page because you want the best.  And, quite honestly, when it comes to owning a TASER or a Phazzer Enforcer, I choose the Enforcer hands down.  Why?  The main reason is that Phazzer has a unique way of winding their coilings in their cartridges which allows Phazzer to claim a higher effectiveness rating.

Here's what I mean:  You come upon someone who means you harm.  You pull your weapon and fire.  You want the electrodes to glide effortlessly through the air.  Because of Phazzer's unique way of coiling the wires inside the cartridge, they have less cases of the wires tangling upon deployment.  Less tangling means a better chance of you hitting your target and remaining in a safe condition.

The Enforcer is an (ECD) electronic control device, which immobilizes a target by firing two dart projectiles and delivering 55-60,000 volts and 2.0mA current into the target. The voltage is delivered through a pair of insulated wires, 15 feet in length.  While this voltage and amperage may seem low compared to direct contact stun guns, these units work differently.  Rather than trying to shock with high voltage and amperage, the PHAZZER Enforcer generates electrical current similar to that of the human body, brain and central nervous system.  So, when this additional "foreign" current is delivered into the body, the brain and central nervous system do not know what to do and, ultimately, "freak out".  This is why these units are so much more effective than a direct contact stun gun.  Plus, the safety distance of 15 feet is an added benefit.  Finally, this unit can also be used as a direct contact stun gun should someone be upon you before you can respond.  The Enforcer is truly a Full Featured Self Defense Weapon.

 ~  Output Characteristics:
        -Pulse Rate:  15 pulses/second, continuous output for 5 seconds, 1/2 second pause.
        -Pulse Duration:  120 microseconds
        -Peak Voltage:  120,000 Volts
~  Housing:  ABS High Impact Plastic
~  Power Source:  2 x 3.6V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
~  Green/Red LED Power Indicator
~  Integrated Bright LED (night time use)
~  Integrated Laser (used for target acquisition)
~  Electrical Charge can penetrate up to 1" of clothing
~  Safety Toggle Switch
~  Pressure Firing Trigger (duration of 10 seconds of activation)
~  Replaceable Cartridges
~  Projectile Darts have a 15 foot reach
~  Can be used as a traditional Stun Gun with used cartridge or without the cartridge.
~  1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Box Contents:
~  1 Phazzer Enforcer
~  1 (15') Standard Phazzer Enforcer Pro Dart Cartridge
~  1 (8') Multi-Target Phazzer Enforcer Pepper Powder Cartridge
~  1 (21') Non-Conductive Phazzer Enforcer Training Cartridge
~  1 2x3.6V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
~  1 A/C Charger
~  1 Hard Plastic Carry Case
~  1 International PAL Plug Adapter
~  1 Nylon Holster
~  1 Instruction Manual
Here's more information about the "type" of electricity generated by the Enforcer that was discussed earlier:  The voltage keys in on the neural muscular system and disables voluntary muscle control, dropping the target in two to five seconds. It is no surprise that Electronic Control Devices, such as the PHAZZER Enforcer, not only are effective in protecting the users safety, but also provide a safe alternative in subduing rather than injuring the target.  
The PHAZZER Enforcer has been tested for safety and will substantially reduce the likelihood of serious harm or death as compared to alternative methods of self defense. It is one of most effective alternatives to the use of more substantial force when it is unnecessary. Although the voltage seems high, the unit puts out very low amperes at 0.0020 amps. The PHAZZER includes 2 X 3.6 volts rechargeable ion-lithium battery pack coupled with an AC recharger adapter that can be plugged into the wall when the charge is weak. Also included with the unit is a dart cartridge, which is inserted into the PHAZZER Enforcer prior to firing.  The Phazzer Enforcer also comes with a Pepper Powder Cartridge, which, when deployed will reach a max distance of 8-10 feet, cloud out and neutralize a group of attackers within 5-7 feet of the target.  The unit also comes with a non-conductive training cartridge for firing practice.

The PHAZZER Enforcer can also be used as a hand-held stun gun. 
The PHAZZER Enforcer unit requires no fees for registration, no activation is required and NO BACKGROUND CHECK IS required.  The Phazzer Enforcer will be fully operational as soon as you receive it.  Most states do not require any type of permit or licensing.  And, the unit can generally be carried fully displayed or concealed.
The PHAZZER Enforcer unit can be recharged by inserting the battery charger when the green indicator light turns red (Charger included with purchase). To prong battery life, avoid charging the battery over 6 ~ 8 hours. The green indicator light will turn red when the battery is at 50% charge, which is approximately about 50 full durations, 7 second shots prior to requiring a recharge.
Feel Secure and Confident with the Phazzer Enforcer in your hand!  Also, share us with your friends so they, too, can find out why so many have come to put their safety and trust in SmartStun.com.  And, remember, ALL ORDERS SHIP FREE WITH SMARTSTUN!

Don't Forget About our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee  

With FREE Shipping and our Money Back Guarantee, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.  Go ahead and Order Today!

The PHAZZER Enforcer Stun Gun

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