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PHAZZER Dragon Stun Gun - Projectile Type
phazzer dragon stun gun

PHAZZER Dragon Stun Gun - Projectile Type


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The Phazzer Dragon is a projectile shooting style of stun gun reaching distances up to 15'.
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We've been with Phazzer now for several years.  We were with them before the launch of the highly acclaimed Phazzer Enforcer and we've stayed with them all these years.  Why?  Because they make great self defense weapons.  The Phazzer Dragon has been one of our mainstays for weaponry over these years and appreciate our relationship with them.  

The Phazzer Dragon is well known in the self defense community as a highly effective unit to protect family and loved ones.  With its ergonomic design, hands of all sizes can easily hold and fire the unit.  The Dragon comes with all you need to get started.  And, its rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and A/C Charger gives you many more uses than the comparable TASER C2 with non-rechargeable battery pack.  Insert the dart cartridge into the Phazzer Dragon prior to use and, after deployed, you can simply remove the cartridge and continue using the weapon as a direct contact stun gun, too.  With the overall ergonomic design, location of buttons, dual-capability use and best in class battery, its  no wonder the Phazzer Dragon is recognized as one of the most effective self defense weapons on the market.  And, it even comes with a training cartridge at no extra charge.  Phazzer WANTS you to trust your Dragon!

Features of the Dragon:
 ~  Output:
        -Pulse Rate:  17 pulses/second, continuous output for 10 seconds, 1/2 second pause.
        -Pulse Duration:  120 microseconds
        -Peak Voltage:  55,000 Volts
~  Housing:  ABS High Impact Plastic
~  Power Source:  7.4v Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
~  Green/Red LED Power Indicator
~  Integrated Bright LED (night time use)
~  Integrated Laser (increases the ease of sighting your target)
~  Can penetrate up to 1" of clothing
~  Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord / Disable Pin
~  Safety Switch
~  Pressure Firing Trigger (duration of 10 seconds of activation)
~  Replaceable Dart Cartridge
~  Projectile Darts have a 15 foot reach
~  NEW:  Comes with Training Cartridge at NO EXTRA CHARGE
~  Can be used as a traditional Stun Gun with used cartridge or without the cartridge.
~  1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Box Contents:
~  1 Dragon Projectile Shooting and Direct Contact Stun gun
~  1 Dart Cartridge
~  1 Training Cartridge
~  1 Phazzer Dragon Rip Cord/Disable Pin
~  1 7.4 V Lithium Ion Battery - Rechargeable
~  1 A/C Charger
~  1 Instruction Manual

1.  Phazzer Dragon uses the Phazzer brand of dart cartridge.  Phazzer has a unique coiling technique for the wires inside the cartridges that allow Phazzer to claim a higher effectiveness rating than the TASER.  Basically, the wires don't get tangled as often and so the electrodes end up in the target a higher percentage of fires.
2.  Phazzer Dragon Battery is good for approximately 50 shots per charge & is rechargeable approximately 300+ times (1500 shots on a single battery).  TASER C2 Battery is good for approximately 100 shots per charge, but is not rechargeable.  Battery costs with the Phazzer Dragon are substantially less.
The Phazzer Dragon is a Stun Gun Device that immobilizes a target by firing two dart projectiles with a 15 foot reach and delivering 150,000 volts into the target. The voltage is delivered through a pair of insulated wires that causes neural muscular incapacitation, dropping the target in two to five seconds. The Phazzer Dragon unit is immediately operational upon receipt and does not require registration.  The Phazzer Dragon unit can be recharged with the supplied A/C charger, and is equipped with a power status green/red LED indicator light.   Phazzer Dragon also has an aiming laser for better firing accuracy along with a bright light for night time use. The Phazzer Dragon has a  safety switch located on the top of the unit and when activated instantly powers up the unit and initiates the laser.  The Phazzer Dragon has a unique Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord  that will deactivate the Phazzer Dragon unit and prevent it from being used on the owner, if taken away by an assailant. The Phazzer Dragon has no activation fees and requires no fees or registration unless it is required by local laws of the owner/user.  The Phazzer Dragon has been tested for effectiveness and accuracy and has consistently dropped the target within 2 to 5 seconds upon contact with the target.
Feel Secure and Confident with the Phazzer Dragon in your hand!

Don't Forget About our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee  

With FREE Shipping and our Money Back Guarantee, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.  Go ahead and Order Today!



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