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Our Story

142 Lowell Road
Unit 17 - #385
Hudson, NH US
We got into selling stun guns, the TASER Gun and other self defense products because of a sincere concern for where our country seems to be headed.  Each year, crime in almost every area of the country continues to increase and becomes more blatant.  In the past, if someone like a student was molested, it was a story that filled the national headlines for days.  Nowadays, you can look at any newspaper or news website and find many such stories and they're buried because these incidents have become such commonplace that they aren't "news" anymore.  More and more people are coming face to face with personal and property crimes everyday and we believe we can help.
When we launched SmartStun.com, we decided early on that our focus would be to bring the best self defense products to as many people as we could at affordable prices, no games, just sincere selling of products.  We offer FREE shipping because we want people to know the price that they'll pay for something right up front.  We never add any "handling fees" upon checkout.
From our location in Southern New Hampshire, SmartStun.com sells stun guns, TASER guns and other related products. We are very knowledgeable and care very much about your satisfaction. If you have any question or any concern, please do not hesitate to contact us directly before ordering.
We back up our Money Back Guarantee for a full 30-Days to demonstrate our sincere commitment to our customer's satisfaction.  Become a customer today and find out why our customers love us.  And, with FREE Shipping on most stun products, you'll know right up front, what your total cost for an item will be.

Our main distribution center is in New Hampshire but we also ship some products directly from our affiliates. Please contact us either through the CONTACT US link on our Home Page or directly by using the email shown above. Someone will respond within 1 business day.

Thanks for allowing SmartStun to provide you with "REAL SELF DEFENSE"!

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