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MoneyBack Guarantee

taser gun satisfaction
We believe our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is one reason we've become one of the Top Stun Gun/Taser Gun and Pepper Gun Suppliers in the country.  It's very straightforward.
Whatever you purchase, examine it, try it, use it for a full 30 days.  If for any reason, you wish to return it, just ask and we'll cheerfully refund your money.  There are a few requirements, but in a nutshell, that's it!
Here's what we require:
1.  The product must be with its original packaging, which must be in good condition.
2.  You must email us before returning it so we can issue an RMA and be ready for the item before you send it.  Either choose the "Contact Us" button and submit a form -or- reply to your original order email.
3.  You must reference your original SmartStun order number so we can cross reference your account and purchase.
4.  The product must in good working order and relatively good condition.  If the unit is not working, we consider this a warranty or repair issue and should be dealt with accordingly.
That's it!  Let us know, send us the unit, and when it arrives, we'll refund to your originally used credit card (or process check payment via U.S. mail) the original purchase price of the product.  You are responsible for the return shipping.
How easy is that?  No lawyer had to write this.  Just good old fashioned Customer Satisfaction.  Go Ahead...Place Your Order Today!
Because Accessories/Alarms & Pepper Sprays get used and "used up", we're not able to offer the Money Back Guarantee on these items.   Wicked Lasers are sold and serviced by WickedLasers.com and their return policy applies as per their terms.
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