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MACE Pepper Gun
mace pepper gun

MACE Pepper Gun


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MACE Pepper Gun

The ultimate goal of any self defense weapon should be to PREVENT an actual attack before it occurs.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun has to be one of the most ominous looking weapons available.  Merely displaying this for an attacker to see will most likely cause them to reconsider their intent.  Protect yourself with one of the most RECOGNIZED names in Self Defense:  MACE.

Pepper guns of all types are becoming one of the mainstream self defense weapons being carried by many for protection.  They are easy to use, very effective when needed and have the added measure of being a visual deterrent.   Find out why so many Police Officers, Bounty Hunters and General Citizens are carrying pepper guns. The OC super strength pepper spray formula (.74 Capsaicinoids) is contained in a disposable cartridge that can be replaced when empty.

The cartridge utilizes an advanced delivery system, Bag-In-A-Can technology, that allows you to spray a constant stream, reaching up to 25 feet. 
Cartridge contains up to 7 - 25' blasts, depending on how long the trigger is depressed.

Mace Pepper Gun comes with: Pepper Gun dispenser, One 28 gram OC cartridge, One Water test cartridge and Batteries (for the LED light)

Trigger Activated LED Light

  • Allows for better aim
  • Temporarily disorients intruder

 We are HUGE believers in Pepper Guns and feel that these are probably the single most effective self defense weapon that is available and is easy to use by most anyone.

And, Don't Forget:  ALL ORDERS SHIP FREE!

Mace Pepper Guns can not be shipped to New York, Massachusetts, Michigan or Wisconsin.

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