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JPX Jet Protector Practice Cartridge
JPX Jet Protector Practice Cartridge

JPX Jet Protector Practice Cartridge


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JPX Jet Protector Practice Cartridge
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JPX Jet Protector Practice Cartridge

Practice so you're comfortable and will know you're safe if you need to use your JPX Jet Protector.  These training cartridges are ideal so that you and your loved ones can get to know your new self defense weapon.

TIP COLOR: GREEN (PRACTICE, BLUE DYE) The JPX Jet Protector Frame is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires exceptionally potent liquid OC at 405 mph with effective distance of 23 feet. 
You have just gotten your JPX Jet Protector and are excited.  But, how will you know that you're ready to use it in a face to face encounter if you don't practice with it and get comfortable with it?  We highly recommend getting a couple of practice cartridges when purchasing a Jet Protector.  These are not your everyday pepper guns and should be practiced with to become fluent in its use. 
Warning: The MINIMUM safe discharge distance is 5 feet from the tip of the magazine to the target.
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