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Dual Purpose Personal Alarm
Dual Purpose Personal Alarm

Dual Purpose Personal Alarm


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Dual Purpose Personal Alarm
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Dual Purpose Personal Alarm

For those needing a personal alarm while outside or to protect a home, apartment or hotel room, this may just be what you need.  It has the loudest personal alarm on the market.  Most car alarms are 120 decibels, but this unit is 130db. You will have an incredibly loud alarm in your hand if someone means to harm you.
  • 130db alarm
  • Pull pin to activate alarm
  • Can be used as a door or window alarm
Designed to draw attention to any crisis, our 130db PERSONAL ALARM is as loud as eight 100-decibel alarms. The alarm is activated when the strap attached to the alarm pin is pulled. Travels easily on your belt or in your purse.
The Door Alarm accessory converts the Personal Alarm into a portable door or window alarm. Great for home, hotel rooms, college dorms, etc. If you're traveling or just need another level of protection, this alarm is easy to set up and highly reliable.
  • Requires 1 9-volt battery

And, remember that ALL ORDERS SHIP FREE WITH SMARTSTUN.  Share us with your friend, so they, too, may find out why so many place their trust and safety with us.  We're here for your protection.

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