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DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin
Defuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin

DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin


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DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin
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DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin

SmartStun now PROUDLY offers the Best in Pepper Spray Products.  We know Real Self Defense Weapons and this one is certainly one the one to have!  This was voted one of the Best New Product Releases of 2012.

(Note:  Although DeFuser Pepper Spray is legal to carry in all 50 states, we cannot ship it to AK, HI, MA or NY.)

What Makes Defuser the Best Pepper Spray?

The DeFuser is considered the best, simply put, because it combines both a Disable Pin AND the hottest pepper spray available.  The disable pin is a disable feature that renders the spray inoperable if the pin is not plugged in.  It works like this:  The user places the wrist strap around their wrist.  And, if an attacker grabs the pepper spray from the user's hand, the pin will dislodge, the pepper will not spray. So, the attacker cannot use the spray on the user!  And, because of their unique packaging process, the DeFuser is able to get up to 80% more shots than a similar sized pepper spray from the competition.  Featuring the same compact 1/2 ounce size canister, DeFuser can deliver 20+ sprays at a distance of over 10 feet.  The DeFuser Pepper Spray simply provides more protection in more ways.  Its made in the United States and is legal to carry in all states, although it cannot be shipped to New York or Massachusetts.

And, as if that's not enough, the DeFuser has even more to offer.  If there is a struggle between the user and an attacker and the DeFuser DOES get taken away, your keys stay with you!  They are on the same wrist strap portion of the Disable pin.  And, if you need to, as many self defense specialists recommend, you can use your keys to gouge the eyes or other pressure points of an attacker.  Or, put them between your knuckles and punch them in the face, smashing the keys into their face!

Order the world's best pepper spray today and receive FREE shipping! The DeFuser comes complete and ready to use. Simply attach your keys and be on your way! With our industry leading SABRE Red USA made formula, you can feel assured that you purchased the worlds best pepper spray.


How does DeFuser work?  
Defuser attaches to your wrist, keychain, or both at the same time. If the unit is separated from the wrist strap, or keychain, it becomes mechanically disabled by internally locking the actuator so it cant be used against you.

How do I use DeFuser?
Attach DeFuser to your keys, wrist strap, or both as a multi-attachment.  Grasp in the palm of your hand then use your thumb to flip up the safety top.  Press the red actuator down and spray from ear to ear across the eyes.  

How far will it shoot?
Defuser has a range of 10-12'.

How many shots will I get?  How much fluid is in the canisters? 
Defuser gets 20+ one second bursts, which is up to 80% more shots than the competition.  DeFuser uses a 1/2 oz canister.

How long does it last?  
DeFuser has a 4yr shelf life, one of the longest in the industry. The expiration date is printed on every canister. 

How many SHUs? How HOT is it?  
DeFuser is 2 million SHUs / 10% SABRE RED OC formula which is the only formula that is tested in a HPLC laboratory for heat level consistency. 

What is the Spray Pattern?
DeFuser uses a stream pattern which helps reduce the risk of blowback.

Can I carry DeFuser on a airplane?: 
You CAN carry DeFuser in checked baggage, but you CANNOT as a carry on. It must be stored in checked baggage.

Is it Legal Everywhere?  
DeFusers formula is legal to carry in all 50 States, but can only be purchased from a registered pharmacy or licensed firearm dealer in NY and MA

Can I practice or test fire DeFuser?
Yes you can, and it's recommended that you do so. Periodically, we suggest you find a safe place outside with wind direction in mind "always stand upwind" and give the DeFuser a 1 second burst.

SmartStun is proud to carry this wonderful self defense weapon.  We place great pride in only carrying the best self defense items for our customers as we consider YOUR SAFETY to be OUR PRIMARY concern.  Find out why so many people have placed their trust in SmartStun over the years!  We're here for you today and we'll be here tomorrow. 


DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin

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