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BEST Stun Gun

Want The Best Stun Gun at the Best Price?

Don't know which one to buy as they all say they have high voltages and the best stopping power?

All this is perfectly understandable. In reading about various manufacturer's stun guns at retailer's websites, they all contradict each other but don't go into any specific detail as to what truly makes a particular stun gun the overall best choice for you. And, isn't that what really matters?

What I Carry

Would you like to know which stun gun I carry? How about which one I gave to my wife, my father, my mother and even my own teenage daughter? My name is Nate and I own SmartStun.

Don't get me wrong, there ARE many good stun guns on the market. However, when it comes to safety, none of us want good. WE WANT THE BEST!


  • Omega Star Warrior Stun Baton
  • ZAP Flashlight Stun Gun
  • Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun
  • Stun Master SM-Multi Stun Gun
  • Hot Shot Stun Gun
  • And, there are several others

In my opinion, the BEST is the BARRACUDA BC-37 Stun Gun.

I'll go over some of the technical info in just a moment, but first, let me tell you this. Several months back, my phone rang. It was a lady wanting my opinion on which stun gun to buy. She said her son had gone online before and bought one that made about as much noise as a toy cap gun and, when he stuck it to his brother, his brother laughed. She didn't want to make the same mistake. Without hesitation, I told her the Barracuda Stun Guns are the best. I recommended she purchase one. I asked her to call me as soon as she got it and give me her feedback. And, I told her I'd give her a full refund if she wasn't blown away by it. Not only did she call back with many thanks, she told me her son was completely blown away and that he wanted to order one for his upcoming trip to South America.

Most stun gun manufacturers and retailers are pushing voltages. 1 million volts, 2 million volts, 5 million volts, 8 million volts. They're focusing on voltage as being the dominant reason as to why you should buy their particular stun gun. Voltage is important. But, its not necessarily the most important factor. Voltage is the push behind the electricity. A higher voltage can penetrate thicker clothing and this is important. But, what good is penetrating thick clothing with nothing more significant than a pinch of pain?

Amperage is The Most Important Factor of an effective stun gun. It is the pain that gets delivered by the voltage. Actually, its electrical current. And, the current is what penetrates into muscles, causing them to spasm, fatigue and give out. If you're being attacked, you want the most non-lethal dose of current delivered to the muscles. Why? Because, the more current the muscles get, the quicker they give out. The quicker the muscles give out, the quicker the attacker falls to the ground, or at the very least is incapacitated (this can mean either mentally or physically).

Most stun guns on the market, including most of those listed above, deliver about 3 milliamps of current. Generally, this is enough to stop an attacker, if you hold the stun gun against them long enough, say, a few seconds. But, the BC-37 delivers about 4.5 milliamps of current..A FULL 50% MORE STOPPING POWER, resulting in a quicker stop to your attacker!

Now, back to the topic of voltage. The Barracuda BC-37 is a 3.7 million volt stun gun. This voltage is generally considered high enough to penetrate even up to a leather bomber jacket. I'll let you decide if you think that's enough voltage.

Amperage is probably the single greatest aspect that sets the Barracuda line of stun guns apart from other brands. But, there is another issue that I believe to be of equal importance.

You can order virtually any brand of stun gun, hold it in your hand when you first get it, test fire it and feel a certain level of excitement. But, when you first test fire a Barracuda Stun Gun, you will instantly know you have something entirely different in your hand. And, so will anyone within 50 feet of you! The amount of noise generated by the high voltage and high amperage Barracuda Stun Guns is enough to catch anyone's attention. They instantly command respect of anyone around. (Remember the son I wrote about earlier who used his first stun gun on his brother? His brother wouldn't let him try the Barracuda on him!) Further, the batteries they use and the casing they use, are far and above the best available. Barracuda backs their stun guns with a full 5 year warranty that even covers the built in 7.2v, rechargeable, Ni-MH Battery.

  • Highest Amperage Stun Gun Available (4.5 milliamps)
  • 3.7 Million Volts
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (Industry Best)
  • 7.2v Battery Cluster (Most are 3.6v)
  • Built In A/C Charger (No keeping up with a separate charger)
  • Disable Pin (so your attacker cant take the unit and use it on you!)
  • FREE Durable Weave Nylon Holster with Beltloop
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty (Even covers the Battery)

"this thing is absolutely frightening. it scares the crap out of my coworkers. i have no doubt that this will take a bad-guy out. bought one for me and the wife. i wear mine in the provided holster and no one is aware. looks just like a cell phone. since i am disabled and could not run away it has made me feel much more comfortable that i do have a last resort if i cannot avoid a confrontation.... thanks so much for this quality product SmartStun"

Special Price

Because of our close relationship with Over The Counter Intelligence, Inc (the maker of the Barracuda line of stun guns), we have some very special pricing available.

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Barracuda BC30
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Oh, and don't forget: We also give FREE Shipping on Barracuda Stun Guns!

So you're getting the Best Stun Gun at the Best Price, FREE Shipping and a full money-back guarantee for 90- Days. That shows you our commitment to you and to making sure everyone has access to the best possible protection for their loved ones and themselves. We don't know how long well be able to offer the Barracudas at these prices AND include FREE Shipping. Costs in all areas are going up. So, before we're forced to increase prices, please order today. Don't take a chance on not having the protection you need or worse, your teenage daughter not having the protection she needs, WHEN SHE NEEDS IT.





P.S. I hope you feel good about the information here to help you get the Best Stun Gun at the Best Price! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly by completing the "Contact Us Form". You will get my personal response. 

P.S.S. Don't delay in ordering, thus taking a chance on anyone's safety!

Here's what Bret Harders, President/CEO of Over The Counter Intelligence, the maker of the Barracuda Stun Gun line, has to say:

"Our First Priority is to offer the Best Quality of Stun Gun available. Our Second Priority is be as Affordable as Possible. If we fail at either of these, we simply fail."

We believe in our relationship with Bret and this is what allows us to function as a partner with Over The Counter Intelligence, Inc. and not just as "any other retailer".

Click on a product below to learn more and to order a Barracuda Stun Gun.


Thank You


To SmartStun;

I just ordered a stun gun from you, the Barracuda BC-37.

I wanted to let you know why I ordered from you, rather than one of the many vendors that sell these and similar devices.

I ordered this for my wife, for self-protection, because as the economy falters, there has been an increase in crime in our neighborhood.

People, especially older folks like us, are generally an easy target for the criminals, who can attack anywhere.

I came too close to losing my wife to cancer 13 years ago, and I will not allow some hoodlum to do what the cancer couldn't, at least not without a way for her to protect herself.

I began to research pepper sprays, various stun guns, Tasers etc, and watched and read as much as I could over the last two weeks before deciding on what would be best to protect her. So much of the information out there is either untrue or incomplete, and I was getting very frustrated in trying to get the answers I was looking for.

Until I found your website that is.

For example, you explained why the voltage and amperage are both important, which other sites failed to do, and spoke about the build quality of the device.. In short, you gained my confidence.

At your website, I learned the unvarnished truth and got a recommendation I felt I could trust. After reading everything I could about why you believe (know) the Barracuda model I ultimately purchased, the BC-37 is the best stun gun, I knew I had made the right choice.

Thanks for helping me choose wisely, a lot depends on it.

Larry M,

Hemet, CA

PS, feel free to post this letter if that would be of any use to you.

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